With the 2020/21 school year upon us, follow this list to make sure you have the school supplies you need to navigate a unique Fall semester amid this pandemic!


Computer & Mouse

No matter what way your school has decided to offer classes this upcoming year, a computer/laptop is the most essential item for you to get! And a mouse is a plus if you don’t like the mouse pad on your laptop. The ISIC card offers discounts with Apple (Save up to $270 on any eligible Macs and $30 off an iPad with Apple Education Pricing) and Dell (Up to 25% off, plus an additional 5% off) to ensure you have quality technology to help you succeed.

Planner & Fillable Calendar

Planners and Fillable Calendars are a great way to keep yourself organized and help you keep track of upcoming deadlines, exams, and events!

Notebooks & Paper & Binders

If you like taking notes by hand rather than on your computer, these items are helpful to keep your notes organized and in tip-top shape! 

Backpack & Laptop Case

Whether you are constantly on the go or you just want to stay organized at home a backpack and laptop case are great items to have. Bentley offers a wide range of brands and designs to choose from to fit your needs. Check out the ISIC discount where you could get 15% off your online purchase. 

Pens & Pencils & Erasers & Highlighters

It has been proven that writing notes are better for your memory as opposed to typing them. So these items are essential for writing clean and organized notes for all your classes. 

Printer & Ink

Although this usually isn’t an essential item since you can easily print stuff at the school library if your school is moving to an online format this year, a printer is good to have to print off worksheets and other resources. Check out Dell Canada’s website to see some of the printers they offer – with your ISIC card, you can save up to 25%!


Whether you are in high school or a university program, such as business, math, statistics, and sciences, a calculator is a must! Don’t be afraid to invest – scientific calculators are the most helpful and versatile. 


If you’re headed back to campus in the Fall, ISIC Canada offers 10% off footwear from SoftMoc. 


Headphones, earphones, earbuds, air pods, whatever you use – are great for watching a video or online lecture, listening to music, blocking out noises around you, or helping you to concentrate.

WiFi extender

The most annoying part of working at home is the slow internet and those parts of your home where the WiFi just doesn’t work! Have you ever had to wait forever for a website to load, experienced buffering videos, or been on video calls that are constantly disconnecting? WiFi extenders are a great way to amplify your speed and range. The best part is that you can use your ISIC card to get up to 25% off your Dell purchase. 


Whether you want to take advantage of some of the ISIC benefits mentioned throughout this article to save money, you are going on an exchange, or you are planning an upcoming trip, an ISIC card is a great resource to have this school year! ISIC is your passport to access student discounts in Canada and over 130 countries around the world.

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NOTE: Plastic cards delivery will be delayed for the week of April 15, 2024