Work With Us

At ISIC Canada, we’re always open to working with new benefit partners, sponsors, and more!

Why work with ISIC?

Created in 1953 by students for students, ISIC at heart is a brand geared towards the student community. As we’ve grown and now celebrate our 70th year (in 2023), we have grown to provide thousands of benefits and special offers to not only students but also youths 30 and under and teachers. With our global reputation, ISIC is available to millions of students worldwide in over 130 countries/territories. 

We are seeking to gain partnerships with brands and service providers who want to reach a wider audience of post-secondary, high school, and youth 12 years old and up and gain more first-hand insight into the trends and needs driving this audience. Through our Canadian ISIC program, we reach both Canadian and international students, domestically and abroad!



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