Black Friday Shopping Tips!


Are you someone who likes to jump into the hustle and bustle and chaos that comes with in-store Black Friday shopping? Or are you someone that would rather stay at home and benefit from all the discount you can online? Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your Black Friday experience!


1. Shop Local

Some big box stores have huge, unbelievable discounts available on Black Friday, but when shopping locally you can find more unique gifts, you are supporting your neighbourhood economy, and there are likely going to be fewer people that you will have to push through to get what you want.

2. Prime buy times

As most people know, Friday is not just one day. In Canada, we take advantage of the season, so most deals can last up to two weeks in stores! Since these deals last for so long, if you have a specific item in mind that needs to be a specific size, colour, or generation then you want to buy it earlier within those deal days, but if you are more focused on getting a big discount, you are better off to wait until   Black Friday weekend to buy that product.

3. Sign up for emails 

By signing up for emails from your favourite companies, you can be the first to hear about the new deals I have to release. And sometimes they will decide to launch their sales earlier and you will be one of the first people to know!

4. Check Your Sources

Sometimes companies like to play tricks on you with their deals. Be sure to check your sources and use price comparison tools to make sure you are actually getting a discount on the product.

5. Online Discounts 

Sometimes at online stores, you can stack discounts. If you are buying something and getting the Black Friday deal and you also have a coupon code that you found online, you can sometimes use both discounts and save even more! ISIC Canada is a student benefit provider – so be sure to try out some of the discount codes they have for places like Amazon, Bentley, Urban Decay, and a ton of clothing stores

6. Best things to buy!

Some items that are just better to buy on Black Friday compared to others.

  1. Electronics
  2. Appliances 
  3. Winter Clothes (my fellow Canadians, we know we need this 😂)
  4. Sneakers 
  5. Handbags 
  6. Travel Packages: especially for organized travel, all-inclusive vacations, and group tours, and when it is starting to feel like winter in Canada, all know we want this!

Be sure to save more when you go on these trips by taking advantage of hundreds of student discounts provided by ISIC Canada! Check out the website and buy your number one travel companion today at

​7. Online Hours 

PRO TIP: Online websites do not shut down in the middle of the night as stores do. Online stores have different hours than physical stores, so a lot of discounts will premiere online at midnight so be sure to check online stores too!

8. Online Basket Tip 

Now, this tip depends on the website that you are on, so make sure you do a test run before you take my word for it. The night before Black Friday, you can browse through the online website and save items to your basket. Then, the next morning you do not have to worry about scrolling through the website trying to find what you want, your cart will stay saved in the basket area on the website, so you just have to press check out!