A new way to send us what new discounts you want to get with your ISIC! Plus, get paid to do it! 

Its simple. Tell us where you want to get discounts with your ISIC and we’ll pay you! If your suggestions become new discount partners, we’ll pay you again! And after a few months if cardholders really like the discount too, you get paid again! Interested? Keep reading to participate.

Earn Cash

Its a simple process to share and earn. 

Send us where you want the next best ISIC discount to be. We just need a few details. You will earn 1 token for each new suggestion. If your suggestion becomes a new discount partner, we’ll give you 3 tokens! As other ISIC holders use the new discount, we’ll give you 3 more tokens! Once you get 20 tokens, you get $20!

How it Works

Suggest a new ISIC discount, earn 1 token!


If your suggestion becomes a new discount, earn 3 tokens!


If the new discount is used each month, earn 3 tokens per month!


Once you get enough tokens, get paid!

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What is Your ISIC?

Your ISIC is a contest where you can submit an idea for a new discount for the ISIC program in Canada. By contributing to the contest, you earn tokens. Once you have enough tokens, you can exchange them for real money!

How do I earn money?

You earn money by first earning tokens. A token is awarded to you for participating in the Your ISIC contest. When you submit a new suggested ISIC discount where you would like to use your card, you will earn a token. If your suggestion becomes a new ISIC discount, you will earn 3 tokens.

How can I register?

To register for the Your ISIC contest, click here to visit the registration page.

What information do I have to submit to make a suggestion?

To make a suggestion, click here to access the submission form. Basic information about the prospective new discount is needed, and a quick photo.

Can the same business be submitted twice?

No, tokens will only be issued to new discount idea submissions only. If a business has already been submitted as a suggestion, no tokens will be awarded.

What is a token?

Tokens are issued when you participate in the contest. Once you achieved a threshold of tokens, you can request to trade in your tokens for cash.

Where can I see how many tokens I have?

You can view your number of tokens by visiting your account page by clicking here.

How many tokens do I need to be paid?

You need at least 20 tokens to be paid. Once you have reached 20 or more tokens, you can request to be paid. Payment occurs in increments of $20.00. For example, if you have 24 tokens, you can request a payout and will receive $20.00 and your token balance will reset to 4 tokens. If you have 87 tokens, you can request a payout and will receive $80.00 and your token balance will reset to 7 tokens.

How do I receive money once I request to be paid?

When you request a payout, you must provide your full name and mailing address. A cheque will be mailed to you using standard Canada Post shipping to the address provided.

What cities can I submit a new benefit for?

The Your ISIC contest is currently running in Saskatoon, Ottawa, and Montreal. Only new suggested discounts in these cities will be accepted at this time.

How long is this contest running for?

You will be able to participate in the contest until April 15, 2018.

How many months will I be paid if people use my suggested discount?

You will earn 3 tokens per month if your newly suggested discount is used by other ISIC holders, for 3 months. If an ISIC holder uses the new discount in the first month, you will earn 3 tokens. If ISIC holders continue using the new discount in months two and three, you will earn 3 tokens for each month. After 3 months, you will not earn any additional tokens. There is a maximum of 9 tokens per new discount.

What other information should I know?

The Your ISIC contest is designed to allow ISIC holders to shape the program to include the business they want to shop at. You can submit as many new suggestions as you like, as long as they are each unique and haven’t been submitted before by another participant. The maximum amount of payment that can be claimed by a single individual is $100.00.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to access the terms and conditions of the Your ISIC contest.