Save Money While Studying Abroad Blog


There is a huge misconception that studying abroad is really expensive and only a certain demographic can afford it, but this is not true. By planning and taking the necessary steps to save where you can, the experience of studying abroad can change your life without breaking the bank.

1. Get an International Student Identity Card

This student ID has so many discounts available in over 130 countries worldwide that it will become your ultimate travel companion. Apply for your card in 5 minutes at And here is the link to the never-ending list of benefits and discounts this card can get you:! Finally, do not forget to download the ISIC app so you have the best access to discounts around you. 

Get the app here:


Google Play:


2. Apply for global study awards

Applying for global study awards allows students that are studying abroad to win up to $10,000 to use towards tuition fees and/or living expenses.


3. Focus on experiences, not things

Years after your trip is over you likely will not remember the shirt you bought. You will remember the memories of the things you saw and did throughout your time. Here is a quick list of some inexpensive souvenir ideas to help save you money abroad.

  • Postcards
  • Magnets
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Ticket Stubs
  • Keychains



4. Travel Apps

There are some great apps out there that are essential to have with you so you can make the most of your money and time while staying connected back home. So, before you leave on your trip download these helpful apps!

  1. Airbnb: With Airbnb, you can find the perfect vacation rental, live more like a local, and discover so many new and unique experiences. 
  2. ISIC: You can search and locate the ISIC discounts and deals available around you directly from your mobile phone.
  3. Hotel Tonight: Hotel Tonight helps you to find and book great last-minute hotel rooms at amazing rates, so whether you are spending more time in the city or randomly traveling around – Hotel Tonight has you covered.
  4. Wifi Finder: With Wifi Finder you can find Fast WiFi wherever you go with the SpeedSpot WiFi Finder with Offline Maps.
  5. Skype: Skype allows you to talk to friends and family either using your voice, video, and messaging.
  6. Viber: Viber allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls, texts, and video chats all around the world – wherever your adventures take you!

*There are so many other messaging and video chat apps available for you to use – since a lot of people got comfortable with a certain app during COVID-19 quarantine, there is probably one out there that you are most comfortable with.


5. Avoid expensive tours $$$

When you are traveling while you are studying abroad – just be smart about the way you choose to see it. I recommend looking into local transportation and prices before paying for an expensive trip. Also, look for travel packages as there are usually reduced rates to get into different places.


6. Stick to a budget

Before you go on your trip it could be a good idea to make a list of the things you want to do and calculate the costs against your budget. By planning, you can manage the amount of money you have for accommodations and activities so you are not stuck with no funds as you near the end of your travels. This way you can ensure that you can do everything that you want to do beforehand – it takes off some stress.


7. Eat-in, not out

While eating out and treating yourself is nice, it does not always fit into your budget. And when you are traveling, it is tough to afford eating out for every single meal. Do some research before arriving at your destination about local markets that you can visit so you can get food to cook your meals (this way you are saving yourself money and supporting local businesses and farmers at the same time). But again, treat yourself every once and a while, sometimes the local delicacies are something you need to try to truly embarrass the experience.