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<p>Are you forward thinking? Wanting to explore new technology? Interested in benefitting from aerial views and taking your research and work to new altitudes? Develop your aeronautical knowledge and build your résumé as one of the first operators of drone technology in your field of study. Teach your professors and peers something exciting and innovative. Impress potential employers with something they don’t have knowledge of. And of course – have fun while learning and flying! RotorBrains™ is an organization specializing in high end aerospace and remote aircraft services. Clients include the federal government, various provincial and municipal governments, as well as corporate entities and researchers. RotorBrains™ focuses on educational services for NextGen drone industry professionals to meet national drone pilot certification criteria and examination requirements, especially as applicable to safe and legal operations.</p>

25% Off Drone Training and Workshops

ISIC members are able to access the RotorBrains™ Interactive eLearning platform and live workshops at significantly discounted rates. Students and researchers are frequently taking advantage of this technology for projects, research, and applied learning – you can too!


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